29 October 2007

Praying for Bishops

From The Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Monday 29-Oct-2007
Psalm: 131 Lk 12:35-48
Toungoo - (Myanmar) The Rt Revd Saw John Wilme

I don't know why the ACofP uses the the name chosen by the oppressive military regime and not the name that was used by the last democratically chosen government - Burma, but anyhoo, if any bishops need our prayers it is the ones in Myanmar Burma.

AnglicanCommunion.org has the following prayer on their main page today:
Loving and protecting God
you sent your Son to enable all to be free.
We hold before you the people of Myanmar.
Support those in that land who struggle for justice, for freedom from fear and for their nation's health.
Help your Church throughout all the world
To hear the voices of those who are suffering.
And do not let us stand aside. Amen.
And speaking of bishops - today is the birthday of the Rt. Rev. James Stanton, Bishop of Dallas.
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Where is the Diocese of Toungoo of The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)? Map

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27 October 2007

How Democracies Die

text of _How Democracies Die_ by John H. Stambaugh
"Democracies die behind closed doors. A government operating in the shadow of secrecy stands in complete opposition to the society envisioned by the framers of our Constitution." ~ the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati (source)
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This photo was taken at Dan & Louis' Oyster Bar, in Portland, Oregon sometime between Easterday and late July 2004. I highly recommend their New England White Clam Chowder made from the original Wachsmuth family recipe.

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24 October 2007

KBPS & Web 2.0

KPBS the major Public Radio/TV station in Southern California is using Web 2.0 apps such as Google's My Maps and Twitter to help provide real time breaking news updates online about the major fires in Southern California.
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19 October 2007

Draft Al Gore

polls close at midnight 5 November 2007Click the link. Then choose other. Then type "Al Gore" in the box. Gore currently has almost 30% of the vote with almost 22,000 votes cast so far for him. Barack Obama is in second place with almost 22% of the vote with not quite 16,000 votes in his favor.

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08 October 2007

Stand Up and Speak Out

''Oct 17 Stand Up Speak Out Against Poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals'' banner


If you are in North Texas on 17 October 2007, get yourself down to Victory Plaza, just south of the American Airlines Center for the ONE Dallas Stand Up Rally starting at 5:30! For more details click the banner above and then scroll down to the RSVP link and let us know you are coming!

Here's a map (and by the way, Google needs to take some new photos - there has been a lot of construction in this part of Dallas in the last couple of years!)

View Larger Map

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