24 January 2009

POTUS's BlackBerry & Jon Stewart's Changefest '09

The video clip runs 8:42 and only gets funnier as it goes on. Like Jossip.com, I'm surprised Jon Stewart forgot about Mr. Potter from Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life. But Stewart's take on the now ex-VP is not what had me laughing the most. I think I really started to ROTFLOL when "Billary" made a brief appearance. From that point on Stewart gets funnier and funnier and funnier. And is no circa 20 Jan 93, and speaking of Maya Angelou, I disagree with Stewart's take on 's yellow outfit. I liked it and as a friend at the celebration on Inauguration night at said, "Michelle Obama could wear a trash bag and still look beautiful."

Tip of the hat to , which I found from , which I found from at TheAtlantic.com, and I found Marc's blog when I followed a link from the about how is getting to keep his BlackBerry. Speaking of which, Richard Koman over at the ZDNet Government Blog talks about the . [See what it might cost.] The ZDNet Government Blog is also reporting that POTUS #44 is in BlackBerry Heaven, while Tech.Yahoo.com says Obama wins first battle -- to keep BlackBerry.

Oh and one technological sign of Change over at WhiteHouse.gov - the weekly Presidential radio address (which I have never head on the radio) - will now be a . That and the BlackBerry are signs that our new President is very much a "" and a member of .

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And in case you missed the Regime Change on Tuesday, 20 January 2009:

[Note: Actually, only 43 individual people have taken the Oath - was the 22nd President & the 24th President, since he served two non-consecutive terms as President.]

Added 11 February 2009 after I found it via WhiteHouse.gov:

The Inaugural Poem - she still ain't Maya Angelou c. 1993, but the poem in isolation from the other events of the 20th does sound better than it did that day when I first heard it on C-Span. One might note that it rates fewer stars that the video above it, but when you consider who's in the other one . . . ;-)


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