28 May 2006

Memorial Day

I highly recommend this photo essay for your Memorial Day reading. It was linked in a post on another blog. And don't forget the National Momement of Remembrance at 3PM (whatever timezone you are in) on Monday, 29 May 2006 (Memorial Day Observed).

rounded top tombstone of John F Patton, 2D LIEUT CO A, 2 TEXAS CAV, CSA, OCT 3 1829, AUG 3 1900
A photo of the grave marker of my father's mother's mother's father.
(It is a modern VA issue marker, which is why it isn't pointed on top.)

Update: I found another good Memorial Day Post and thought I'd share it.

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19 May 2006


16 May 2006


a Coca~Cola themed homage to Andy Warhol's soup cans

I created this using Adobe Photoshop CS as an extra credit assignment for a Survey of Art History 2 class I took this Spring semester. A class in which I got an A, by the way. We were to create an original work of art that was a homage to a famous artist. I've always liked Warhol's soup cans and I drink a lot of Coca~Cola, so this seemed like a natural idea.

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07 May 2006

Moon Rock Window

Moon Rock Window, National Cathedral, Washington, DC, August 2004

I've been there exactly twice (August 2004 & March 2005) and was in total awe both times. The Washington National Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is just such a sacred and beautiful place. This pictue was taken in late August 2004. There is a piece of moon rock in the window, hence the nickname. Woodrow Wilson, the only U. S. President to be buried within the District of Columbia, and his second wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, are entombed in the crypt near this window, which is located above the side aisle on the Epistle side of the Cathedral's Nave.

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06 May 2006

The Beach

clouds and sun, looking out to see late in the afternoon, Canon Beach on the North Oregon Coast, summer 2004

I took this photo in June or July of 2004. I miss the Pacific Ocean and I miss the Canon Beach Bakery. Oh, I'm glad I looked that link up, they now sell select items online!

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03 May 2006

Astor Column

looking up at Astor Column, July 2004

Taken July 2004 on Coxcomb Hill. The viewing deck of the column is the highest point in Clatsop County.

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Fog on Lake Kanuga

looking across western North Carolina's foggy Lake Kanuga at a large white cross, early in the morning, September 2005

This was taken the day before Labor Day 2005 at Lake Kanuga during Solo Flight 15. Solo Flight is the only national conference in the Episcopal Church for single (never-married, divorced, or widowed) adults of any generation.

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02 May 2006

Christus Rex

a near visual representation of Psalm 84:2 - birds nest on shoulder of outdoor Christus Rex statue at St. James Episcopal, Hendersonville, NC, September 2005

Taken on Labor Day 2005 in the memorial garden at St. James Episcopal, Hendersonville, NC.

The sparrow has found her a house and the swallow a nest where she may lay her young; * by the side of your altars, O LORD of hosts, my King and my God. ~ Psalm 84:2, 1979 BCP page 707
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