26 September 2006


4       ripe red tomatoes
3       green onions
1       red onion
1       bunch of cilantro
4       limes
1       teaspoon sugar
1/2   teaspoon salt

Chop onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Squeeze juice from limes. Mix all the ingredients together. Serve with chips, small tortillas, or use in place of salsa.

3 October 2006 - update - don't use all the cilantro, just do it to taste. I'd use an average handful.

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25 September 2006

Blog Roundup

19 September 2006

Funny Sign Photo

In Canada most signs are in two languages - English and French. I came across a photo of a sign from North Vancouver, BC, Canada on the BBC website today that is in two languages and neither of them is French. The sign is in English and Canine. Don't believe me, see for yourself.

(24 November 2006 - Note: I opened the link in another tab in Firefox and it no longer went to the same photo as it had in September. Bummer.)

18 September 2006


Yesterday I attended the U2charist at Uptown@Incarnation, Dallas. The service was very interesting. It was sort of a merger of "seeker-friendly" with some emerging church components (they had candles - but so does almost every other parish in the Episcopal Church!). It mostly followed Rite II of the 1979 BCP, using Eucharistic Prayer A and the basing the Prayers of the People on Form 1 from Rite II. The entire offering was to be given to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and to provide care for those Africans living with HIV/AIDS. The place was packed. I don't know the seating total, but it was packed.

I know it wasn't a "typical" Uptown service and there was a good number of GenX and younger types there as well as some Baby Boomers and even one or two pre-Boomers, but I do have a few observations to list. (Sorry about the big blank space - it is Blogger's doing not mine! Jump to the rest of the blog entry.)

Negative Postive
Too bright, just too many overhead lights and not the good kind eitherThe average age of laity and clegy was closer to my age
No kneelers (I realize that Uptown rents space but this bugged me)There were lots of people there
Being invited to "kneel or sit" during the Confession - BCP says kneelThe Communion wine wasn't too strong or too weak, but just right
Being invited to "kneel or sit" when the BCP says "kneel or stand"They had people available to pray with people desiring prayer in the narthex during Communion
Not really being able to sing along without being a big U2 fanWhile I didn't go, there was an announcement made about a group gathering for lunch - I take it that this is a weekly event

Overall, I think I'd have to attend a "usual" service to form a full opinion, but I got the impression that Uptown is trying to be seeker-friendly and emergent at the same time.

Photo added on Tuesday, 26 September 2006

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14 September 2006

Holy Cross

Today is Holy Cross so I thought I'd post this picture I took yesterday morning. If you click on the picture it should open a new window with a bigger size of the photo.

celtic cross with St. Patrick on it being hit by thin vertical stripe of early morning sunlight

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05 September 2006

Cool Photography Quote

The photograph is completely abstracted from life, yet it looks like life. That's what has always excited me about photography.
Richard Kalvar as quoted by Slate.com

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