31 October 2006

Are You A Witness?

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, president and dean of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts has an wonderful article from last May posted online and I recommend every member of the Anglican Communion read it. Especially those in The Episcopal Church. It should be required reading for the entire HOB. The article is entitled What Witness Will We Make?

Tip of the Hat to Pamela for posting it to the GTnG list.

Oh and here is the link to Bishop Charleston's podcasts. Scotland has a blogging bishop and we on this side of the pond have a podcasting bishop.

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(Note: the fact that I know the editor of The Witness and have met at least one of the members of the board did not in any way influence the posting of this blog post.)

03 October 2006

Blog Roundup in progress

As I have time, I'm working on another Blog Round up. The last one was in early August. Read the August Blog Roundup.

In the meantime amuse yourselves by reading what Thinklings has to say in It's Funny Because It's True, which I found via Technorati.

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