25 February 2007

Blogging Episcopalians & the PB's Vestments

Via Technorati I found Another Episcopalian Blog, yes that is the actual Blog name. To be exact I found this post. It is nice to know that I'm not alone in my opinion of the vestments ++KJS wore at her investiture back in November.

I like ++KJS, but the Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque vestments need to go away. Like the 1960s & the 1970s, Modernism is over. Post-Modernism has arrived and it wants tasteful traditional looking vestments thank-you-very-much. Here is an example of a GenX-aged Bishop wearing tasteful traditional looking vestments.

Here ends my vestment rant.
Thanks be to God.

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Bonus: Check out the blog called Preludium, which is written by a Delaware priest serving on the Executive Council of TEC, and he's a HOD member too. He blogs about stuff deeper, but no less important, than vestments.

Photos of ++KJS in the aforementioned vestments

18 February 2007

Cool Flickr Photo of Portland

14 February 2007


The clock photo was taken last summer in Highland Park, Texas and the sundial photo was taken during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas last October.

Day light savings is starting early this year

See where the sun currently is in relation to earth

Get the current official time anywhere in the US

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12 February 2007

Got SPAM? Uncle Sam wants it.

Wondering what to do with all that SPAM e-mail clogging up your bulk mail folders? Forward it to spam@uce.gov so that the Federal Trade Commission can track those spammers down. Maybe when they toss them in the clink, they can feed them an all SPAM™ diet.

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