31 January 2007

Cool Video posted on another Blog

29 January 2007

Pop Culture

George Takei, better known as Sulu, is going to be on Heroes tonight!

And the Church of England is having the first U2charist in England. See my previous post on the U2charist I attended last year.

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28 January 2007

Portland Pics (continued)

Portland Pics

25 January 2007

I had been wondering . . .

I had been wondering what ever happened to Tariq Aziz, the Roman Catholic former deputy prime minister of Iraq, for quite some time, but since I couldn't quite remember how to spell his name correctly, I never got around to Googling him. Then today when looking over the Religion Blog of the Dallas Morning News, I discorverd this recent post. Which led me to a story in the Telegraph.

As an opponent of the death penalty, I hope the Bishop of Rome does the right thing. And speaking of the Death Penalty see the first paragraph of this blog post by an Episcopal Church of Scotland Bishop.

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Updated Monday, 29 January 2007

24 January 2007

Companion Dioceses

A group from The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, of which I know at least one person, will be visiting their companion diocese in Kottayam, Kerala, South India, from last Monday through Monday, 5 February 2007. And one or more of the group will be blogging the trip (note link corrected on 5 February 2007).

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Cool link found via Technorati: Ask the Priest blogging about The National Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

23 January 2007

Required Reading

If you are thinking of spending money, especially online, check out the Rogues' Gallery at ConsumerAffairs.com. Not all of the companies listed are online. Offline companies include Sprint PCS (two words: billing errors), Adam's Mark Hotels, Firestone, Amway, and NationsBank among others for example.

As always: Buyer Beware.

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09 January 2007

Looking for Monet?

For some reason it seems that when people search on Google or Google Images for just about anything related to Claude Monet, my blog pops up. I don't know why Google can't tell the difference between Claude Monet the artist and Clawed Monet the cat. The only images of either on here are of the cat and I don't think his image shows up more than once or twice.

See also: Previous Post on Clawed Monet

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PS: I accidently left my camera with my not yet download really large sized full of photos camera card in the seat pocket of a SW Airlines jet on Friday when I got off at Love Field. So there will be no photo blogging of my recent trip to the Pacific NW, until my camera, Lord willing, resurfaces and is returned to me with all .jpg files intact. I'm seriously missing my camera. :-(
Update 23 Jan 2007 - the camera is found and all is well. If I have time, some photoblog entries should appear sometime this Friday.