25 December 2008

Changing Washington

First let me say I was that kid in U. S. History in the Jr. year of HS that totally killed the curve on the Geography test. I'm the one that labeled every state correct and got an A. Remember the exchange student from what was then West Germany? She came in second with a C, the only C in the class. That said, I know my geography (thank you National Geographic Society and whoever gave me that 50 state puzzle when I was a kid), so I can comment on the lack of Geographical knowledge by others, especially those who really should know better (and I'm not talking about - and while I do have family in SC, I don't think she's any relation).

Nope, it isn't the lack of !

annotated screenshot of NORAD's 2008 Santa Tracker with Washington, DC relocated north of Seattle

They also misspelled Newberg, Oregon as "Newberb" - I'm pretty sure it is N-e-w-b-e-r-g since that is how the State of Oregon spelled it on my official birth certificate.

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