09 January 2007

Looking for Monet?

For some reason it seems that when people search on Google or Google Images for just about anything related to Claude Monet, my blog pops up. I don't know why Google can't tell the difference between Claude Monet the artist and Clawed Monet the cat. The only images of either on here are of the cat and I don't think his image shows up more than once or twice.

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PS: I accidently left my camera with my not yet download really large sized full of photos camera card in the seat pocket of a SW Airlines jet on Friday when I got off at Love Field. So there will be no photo blogging of my recent trip to the Pacific NW, until my camera, Lord willing, resurfaces and is returned to me with all .jpg files intact. I'm seriously missing my camera. :-(
Update 23 Jan 2007 - the camera is found and all is well. If I have time, some photoblog entries should appear sometime this Friday.


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