23 September 2008

MDG Blogging Day

I had decided I was going to write some excellent blog post on the MDGs, but it has been one long day. Started out doing voter registration in the campus student center, spent the afternoon polishing a parish newsletter piece that was on deadline and getting that e-mailed off, then it was time for a leadership meeting for those of us working on forming a campus organization to adopt the 180-member Army Reserves unit of one of our campus police officers who is currently deployed in Iraq along with also adopting their families here at home. It is now dark outside, I live a ways from campus, and have to be back at 7AM tomorrow for SYATP. So here is a round up of my previous blog posts relating to the MDGs in chronological order.Update on 24 September 2008:  I posted this yesterday, which was the 23rd and which I thought was MDG Blogging Day. If I'd noticed the date on the RingSurf badge, I would have noticed that it said it was tomorrow. So now I have to come up with something to write tomorrow.

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