09 May 2008

Who Will Tell the People?

Thomas L. Friedman writing in The New York Times asks "Who Will Tell the People?"
Traveling the country these past five months while writing a book, I’ve had my own opportunity to take the pulse, far from the campaign crowds. My own totally unscientific polling has left me feeling that if there is one overwhelming hunger in our country today it’s this: People want to do nation-building. They really do. But they want to do nation-building in America. [read the rest]
Mr. Friedman rasies some important questions.

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Blogger David Chillingworth said...

I always enjoyed my visits to the US. It's gift to the world is nation-building - the welding together of the polyglot nation. The other great gift is the relentless positivism and 'can do' and 'why not' ethos of America. Coming as a visitor from the bad years in Northern Ireland, it was like stepping into the sunlight. May those days return.

Blogger writing_here said...

May those days return.

From your mouth to God's ears . . . .


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