08 August 2007

You Must See This Documentary (and no it isn't by Michael Moore)

I caught a screening of a new documentary last Thursday at the Dallas (TX) Video Festival by Trevor Glass called Suffer the Children. (DVF20 was a wonderful five days of video, more video, and even more video! Even 1964's Meet the Beatles. I'll be posting more about DVF20 when I have time.)

Mr. Glass went to great lengths to differentiate in his documentary between real Christianity and the "word of faith movement" as he called it. The "boxing match" scene and the "I can only imagine" scene, both near the end are excellent. The first explains how the Scriptures don't support the prosperity hearsay and the second shows some real Christianity in action.

Here is DVF's synopsis:
Does God want us all to be rich and healthy? Suffer the Children examines the origins and teachings of the Word of Faith movement, also known as the prosperity or health & wealth gospel. The film takes a look into the lives and teachings of some of the biggest names in tele-evangelism today including Benny Hinn, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Robert Tilton, Mike Murdock, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and Hillsong Australia. Are their teachings really Christian at all?
See also the recent post Cash in Christ on The Cartoon Church Blog.

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