13 June 2006

Food for Thought for General Convention

If you are not a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion - feel free to skip to the next post. Today marks the opening of the 2006 Triennial General Convention of the (Protestant) Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Next Sunday the election of the 26th Presiding Bishop will take place at Trinity, Columbus. A new President of the House of Deputies will also be elected during General Convention 2006. Whoever that will be will have to follow in the footsteps of The Very Rev. George Werner.

Come-to-the-table has a wonderful post about General Convention that I would recommend reading.

It's good to hear that both The One Campaign and the MDGs are being talked about at GenCon too. Now if things go right, there will be more than just talk about the MDGs.

May God's will be done at GenCon and may the Mavs beat the Heat!

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