03 June 2008

It's a Nominee!!!

I just checked CNN looking for results from South Dakota (still counting) and Montana (still voting) and found that according to CNN, the junior Senator from the great state of Illinois has 2,119 Delegates. One more than needed! [The official Obama campaign site still says 8 to go, but I'm not going to argue with CNN!]

And now we can focus on defeating the GOP! It has been five long months since Iowa, but Primary Season in over! On to 4 November (five months and one day to go) and victory!

Eight Months, Two Weeks, Two Days, Sixteen Hours, and Fifteen Minutes and a sitting U. S. Senator will become President for the first time since 1960. And there is a good chance that history will be made! President Obama just has a nice ring to it.

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Added at 7:55PM CDT on 5 June 2008
See Senator Obama's Tuesday night speech (25m:38s)
Name That Tune:  I think I know who that is singing (as voice over) at the end, but I'm not sure. If you know who it is, leave the artist name and song title in the comments please.

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Full Text of Senator Obama's speech courtesy of the BBC

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