21 April 2008

The BBC & Threats to Photographers

The BBC discusses serious threats to non-professional photographers and not from whom you might think either. The article is very good and the Magazine section of BBC News | UK sees to have only suffered some, not all, of the design "improvements" that have been applied elsewhere. For a discussion on the worth of those "improvements" you can read the comments sections on the BBC's Richard Porter's blog entry Clear Band and on the New News blog post by the BBC's Peter Horrocks.

Personally, I think the old look to the BBC website was a little dense, but now I think they've gone and swung the pendulum way too far in the opposite direction. Interestingly enough, I wonder if the thinning of the design doesn't make the news coverage look more shallow, even if it isn't. [I live in the US, therefore I do not lack for access to shallow news. {Sigh}] Does a sparse design cause reporters to write more sparsely or did the denser design make their writing look more in depth?

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