16 November 2006

Chance? then into Clothing and onto Portland

Some people think things happen by chance, I'm not one of them.

I was using one of the campus IT Lab (aka the total geek lab) Macs and when I started to type in the URL for Blogger's main log in page, a blogger profile link showed up in Firefox's history. Interested to see whose it was, I followed the link. And found Mike's profile. From there I ended up at his blog, Letters From Paphos. One of his more interesting posts, imho, is the one about the Sudanese Bishop. I'd love to know what Paul Harvey called "the rest of the story" on that one.

It was also on Letters From Paphos that I found a link to Mark Driscoll's post - Dear Abby: Can I wear my swim trunks to church? - which is a very interesting look at attire and worship. (Could someone let St. Nick know that I'd love a "WWJD for a Klondike Bar" t-shirt in a nice roomy oversized xl for Christmas?)

Speaking of dessing up, or not, on Sunday mornings, I'm going back home to the PacNW for Christmas. That means that I'll be dressing up for mass. Most people think Texas is dressier than the PacNW. If you were alive and in the US in the 1990s, can you say Grunge without thinking Seattle?

Uh, I didn't think so.

In Oregon, I often dressed better on Sunday than anyother day of the week. In Texas, I only dress up when I have to. Otherwise it is jeans and t-shirt, occasionally jeans and a nice top. Won't be wearing jeans in Oregon, not on Sunday mornings or at Midnight Mass. (Well the last Sunday up in the PacNW, the one known, liturgically speaking, as The First Sunday of Christmas, I'll most likely be going to church with my mom, and that congreation is non-denominational and way more casual than the local Episcopal Cathedral Cathedral.

Speaking of the great PacNW, I was looking for a pic of the Couch (say KOO-ch not couch) Street enterance to Powells to show a friend a pic of that column of books that they have there. And in the proccess of using Google's Image search found a really cool series of blog entries about a trip last summer to Portland by a San Diego-based foodie blogger.

(Speaking of food, while getting the tag codes from Technorati, I found out that Fast Food Nation the movie comes out this Friday! Cool!)

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Anonymous Kirk said...

Hi Miss 'D' - Thanks so much for the links, and the recommendations. I hope you enjoy your trip "home".

Blogger writing_here said...

Thanks and you're welcome to return the links. ;-)


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