18 June 2006


Sometimes there's nothing like a little schadenfreude to cheer one up. I'm a moderate Episcopalian with liberal social leanings and conservative theological leanings. I know my Bible and I can name all 10 of the Commandments, even though I tend to lump the first two together and end up counting only nine. So when I followed a link in a comment on Father Jake Stops the World and found this post at The Knowledge Box, I got my dose of schadenfreude for today.

A member of the US House from the deep south who is reportedly co-sponsoring a bill to display copies of the 10 Commandments in both the House and the Senate couldn't even name three of them in an interview with Stephen Colbert. (Knowledge Box has a link to the interview in Windows Media format.)

Maybe said politician wants a copy put up in the House so he can work on memorizing the other seven. And I hope someone ammends said bill to include posting the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. I wonder how much of those documents is memorized by members of our House and Senate.

At least I have had some mommentary distraction from the doings of General Convention.

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Anonymous dhuff said...

Hey, I can recite the entire preamble to the Constitution ! Of course, I have to sing the "Schoolhouse Rock" version in my head to do it... ;)

BTW, I can certainly sympathize with the moderate Episcopalian with liberal social leanings and conservative theological leanings bit. Of course, it's tricky saying you're theologically conservative in TEC these days. Too many people *cough* AAC *cough* want to hijack that for their own socio-political agendas :)

The Knowledge Box


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