05 June 2006

Trinity, Easterday Evening 2004

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland - Evening of Easterday 2004

I took this after the evening Taize service at Trinity Cathedral, Portland, on Easterday 2004, just two days after I got my lovely digital camera. The small icon next to the icon of Christ Pantokrator is of Mary Magdalene, who was one of the women who went to the tomb on that first Eastermorn and found it empty.

Trinity, which is a 155 year old parish in a 100 year old building that has been a Cathedral for 13 years, has among other things an active Iconography Institute and a reputation for good music. The Rosales Organ, seen in the background, is one of the finest pipe organs in the US and I'm proud to say that I had the pleasure of hearing the late prominent organist Catherine Crozier play it on more than one occasion.

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