09 July 2007

Well Said!

I belong to several groups over on MySpace and recently on one of them there was this very good thing said, which the person who said it, Pete, has graciously permitted me to share with all y'all. All formating is the same as originally posted on the MySpace group.
Pete wrote:

My gosh, I'm so tired of the name-calling! You pagan! You heretic! You liberal! You conservative! Enough already. Is it possible for us to get beyond the name-calling and superficial labels? Is it possible for us to see one another as brothers and sisters in Christ? Do either of you remember the scripture that says "Do not judge lest ye be judged"? I have committed myself to look for the divine indwelling that exists in all people. According to the Bible, we are all made in God's image. That includes liberal and orthodox, Christian and Non-Christian, legal and non-legal residents of this country, rich and poor, and all varieties of ethnicity. Perhaps you guys should stop the finger-pointing long enough to see the image of God that exists in each of you. I know I can see it. Can you?
Note: I didn't link to Pete's profile on MySpace, because I forgot to ask him if he wanted me to do so or not do so. Link to Pete's MySpace Profile since he doesn't mind.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, I don't think I've ever been quoted before. You are very kind. God bless.


Blogger writing_here said...

You're welcome!


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