29 June 2007

Better Late Than Never . . .

I got tagged months ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting my version.

Let me see six weird/wacky things about me . . .

1.  My maternal and paternal grandfathers were both born on the 9th of June of different years.

2.  My maternal and paternal grandfathers both died on the 19th of November of different years.

3.  My maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather both died the same year, but not on the same day.

4.  My maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother was an Anderson by marriage, and so is my mother, who got her name from her mother's middle name which came from the first name of one of her mother's cousins who had the surname Anderson.

5.  I once ate a hot dog with white grape jelly and peanut butter and it was quite delicious!

6.  About the only thing I seem to have premonitions about have been bishop elections in TEC. In two cases I could not shake the idea that the "long shot" would be the next bishop and in another, the minute I head that someone I knew was nominated, I heard this still small voice" saying that she wouldn't get elected. In the first "long shot" case the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon got the first GenX aged bishop in TEC. In the second "long shot" case we in TEC got our first female Presiding Bishop. In the other case, which occurred in between the two long shots, the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire had many in the Anglican Communion saying, "oh no, they didn't!" (Actually, I think God has more control over who gets elected to serve the servants of God as bishops than most give God credit for, but that's another post.)

I'm tagging:  Amy & Dale.

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Blogger T said...

You commented on my blog (wonderfully-flawed.blogspot.com) and I followed your profile link here. I just moved to Austin this month and am really hoping to meet people like you here! Based on your blog, I really think you will like Take This Bread. Thanks for stopping by . . .


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