02 April 2007

Google TiSP

Google has done it again. Yet another new techological spin on an everyday item. Who knows eventually with Google TiSP getting rid of spammers might even become as simple as flushing the toilet. ;-) The FAQ is really complete and the linked professional installation site is very to the point in a way that provides all the information you need to know. There is also lively discussion going on in the Help Group.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first I thought this might explain Google's recent purchases of the 'dark fiber'. Afterall, they would need the fiber to support the bandwidth for the free wireless internet connection they are offering. Unfortunately this is just an april fool joke but Google becoming ISP is not that far off.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google can just about do anything these days and this is a funny story on becoming a high speed internet provider lol. http://t1-lines.net


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