26 August 2006

Google Trends - Now everyone is talking about it

About two or three months ago, at least, I put a link to Google Trends on my blog. Amit over at Digital Inspiration notes that Slashdot has finally gotten around to noticing the existance of Google Trends. And Raze over at //BLawGandEconomics// mentioned it earlier this week. It is nice to know that I was ahead of the trend of talking about Google Trends, even if all I did was post a link off to the side under "Other Inetersting Links" eariler this summer (or was it in late spring?).

Oh and I have a post inspired by Google Trends results that I posted back on 4 August 2006. Twenty-two days ago. That's three weeks and one day before Slashdot reported on the launch of Google Trends.

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Blogger BLawGer said...

Hey, I finished the Book Meme and am passing it on.



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