09 August 2006

bleep bleep Blogger

I've spent the last couple of hours working on a long blog post with lots of links to other blogs. I go to save it as a draft. I'm prompted to log in. I thought I was logged in. I was logged in when I started the post after all. So I re-log in and what happens? The draft is gone. All gone.


BLOGGER!!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!

Tomorrow is a busy day, but maybe on Friday I'll have time to recreate the post in MS Word, then I can paste it into Blogger!



Blogger Popp said...

I've had that happen before. There is little more annoying. I think that writing in word is the best thing to do for large posts. The only problem is then you have to put the links in one by one after the fact rather than while your write the post.

Blogger Adam said...

Hello, just doing some lame advertising, cause ive starting to write again and all my old fans have forgotten, so if you could read my short humor stories and comment that would be great!

Blogger writing_here said...

@ Popp - I know enough code I can type the links in as I write. And I find notepad.exe better than Word because I don't have to put up with those little squiggly red and green lines when Spell Check and Grammar Check don't get it that I'm writting in HTML not English!

@ Adam - your genre isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I see some potential


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