04 July 2006

Happy Fourth of July

This was taken in the Summer of 2004 in Portland, Oregon. Have a safe and happy celebration of our Independence.

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Blogger Popp said...

I'm not really religious (although I don't really have anything against religion per se - I think it has no more or less problems than any other human institution), but since you commented on my blog I will do the same. Are you really a bishop? It seems you are Episcopalian. Do they have bishops?

Blogger writing_here said...

1. I've always seen Christianity as more of a relationship with God thing than as a religion, but then I grew up Baptist. But I did recently hear that our English word religion comes from some other word that means putting things back together, which I find interesting, but then I've always been interested in language and where words come from and how the meaning of them evolves over time.

2. I'm a lay person - there is (at least one) blogging bishop, he is in the Episcopal Church in Scotland (which is a different part of the Anglican Communion than The Episcopal Church). I quoted him recently (his is the 5th blog under "Blogorama" in the sidebar. I wouldn't want to be a bishop - too many headaches come with wearing the funny pointed hat.

3. Yes, we got bishops in the Episcopal Church. In fact "Episcopal" comes from the Greek word for Bishop - episkopos, which can also be translated as overseer. After the American Revolution, what remained of the Church of England in what had become the United States needed a new name, so we became The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Overtime the name condensed down to The Episcopal Church (some parts are outside the US of A and some parts are so "Anglo-Catholic" they make Roman Catholics look like Lutherans). If that's not more than you ever wanted to know - check out Come and Grow.org.

Blogger Popp said...

Well, I don't have much of a relationship with God. I've always found him...a little bit quiet. But again, I don't really have anything against him. If he feels like starting a conversation some time (I've tried to start them in the past - no luck), I'm more than willing to oblige him. I just want to make sure I don't mistake a conversation with some other part of myself for a conversation with him.

Blogger Rob said...

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the blog and the photos. Thanks for sharing with us!

Blogger writing_here said...

Rob - thanks for compliment.

Popp - I know what you mean about trying to tell a conversation with God apart from one with some small part of yourself. It's sort of like aquiring an ear for music. The more you sing alto, the more you hear alto notes.

Blogger David said...

Hi Greetings from Scotland - I discovered that you had found my blog. I'm glad to be in contact. These are interesting and difficult times in the Anglican Communion. We in Scotland have a particular link with ECUSA through Seabury and we struggle with the sexuality issue like everybody else. I'm glad to be in touch - like the blog and interested in what you are all saying to one another


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