13 March 2007

He was in that?

Before he was Capt. James T. Kirk, Commander of the Federation Starship Enterprise he was Capt. Harrison Byers, U. S. Army, and a West Point graduate, serving as aide to Chief Judge Dan Haywood in Judgement at Nuremberg.

Once one gets past hearing the voice of "Capt. Kirk" coming from a U. S. Army uniform the movie is quite good. Judgement at Nuremburg earned 11 nominations and won two Oscars in 1962. The film was also nominated for an Eddie and three BAFTA film award in addition to winning two of the three Golden Globes it was nominated for in 1962.

The cinematography is excellent and I can see why Ernest Laszlo was nominated for an Oscar for his work on this film. [Yes, the film is in black and white, but I just can not see it being done in color and justice being done to the subject at the same time.] The near 360 degree camerawork when the prosecutor started to give his opening statement was very well done. The DVD is available so you can see the excellence of the great cinematography for yourself.

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