21 December 2007

If you give an Archbishop some scissors . . .

. . . you get a prophetic act.

The is reporting that the Archbishop of York has cut up his clerical collar. And he did it on BBC TV!

This all has nothing to do with politics. :-) If you want to read why the Archbishop of York is going collarless, you can read the Church Times article or check out where Dave posts about what the Archbishop of York did and even throws in a helpful template for other clergy who might want to copy the actions of the Archbishop of York. And if you want to see if for yourself - or watch below.

Another video of the same, also YouTube via Technorati

I also recommend the longer but well done post in titled , it is well worth the read.

See also:  , , & .

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FYI - This should be my last blog post until MMVIII or 2008 for those of you who are rusty on your Roman Numeral reading skills.


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