25 February 2007

Blogging Episcopalians & the PB's Vestments

Via Technorati I found Another Episcopalian Blog, yes that is the actual Blog name. To be exact I found this post. It is nice to know that I'm not alone in my opinion of the vestments ++KJS wore at her investiture back in November.

I like ++KJS, but the Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque vestments need to go away. Like the 1960s & the 1970s, Modernism is over. Post-Modernism has arrived and it wants tasteful traditional looking vestments thank-you-very-much. Here is an example of a GenX-aged Bishop wearing tasteful traditional looking vestments.

Here ends my vestment rant.
Thanks be to God.

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Bonus: Check out the blog called Preludium, which is written by a Delaware priest serving on the Executive Council of TEC, and he's a HOD member too. He blogs about stuff deeper, but no less important, than vestments.

Photos of ++KJS in the aforementioned vestments


Blogger Catherine said...

I don't see what all the kerfuffle is about regarding ++Katharine's vestments. They are inspired by the words of Isaiah. What's there not to like? Her being elected our PB is akin to the dawning of a new day, a new era in this American church. The beauty of the colors and the design refect that new day, that new sunrise of this remarkable time and the remarkable woman wearing this symbol of her office and this new era. She is a woman, for heaven's sake [and thank heaven for that!] and refuses to wear mannish and tasteless vestements. I say spot on and good on her!

Blogger writing_here said...

I still think that the are just way too baby-boomer tie dye in look. Less is more. She went to OSU not UO afterall.

And most Episcopal vestments I've seen are hard to discribe as "mannish" at least in my opinion. In fact, the only "mannish" skirts, in my opinion, I've ever seen have been kilts! And frilly lace-trimmed Anglo-Catholic style vestments are rarely mannish in look.

Blogger writing_here said...

Also, I've seen the recent Episcopal Life article and photography. The vestment design would make a good banner, but it is still just too busy - colorwise - to work as vestments.


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